Welcome from the Artistic Director

Welcome to our very first blog. I’m a purely amateur blogger so I’ll just spout a few things that might be of interest to our readers.

First, each time a new play begins rehearsal, I say a few words of thanks to all involved for all the work that they are willing to do. This season began with a visit to the first Importance of Being Earnest rehearsal. It was great to see IC’s (and Ithaca’s) accomplished Greg Bostwick in the Black Box theatre. Greg is an actor of energy and precision:  two characteristics that will make the comedy of Earnest blossom. The students had returned to campus early (just like the football team!), and I’m particularly interested in seeing our very own Star Trek star J.G. Hertzler as Miss Prism.

My time is also pleasantly engaged by planning various mini-reunions. Former students in theatre, film and dance are already committed to returning to campus for this year’s 20th reunion. We have a group of young but already successful Hollywood Cornellians, and they will be returning to campus in September. There will be class visits and a panel discussion open to the public. Most heartening for me is seeing how they have embraced their careers and their loyalty to the many people that shared their experiences when they were at Cornell.

The weather is beautiful today; the students are coming into town with renewed energy;  I played 9 holes of golf today and shot a 38.  Perfect.


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