Welcome Freshman!

Campus is alive again!  Last Friday was freshman move in day.  That’s one of my favorite days of the year, yet at the same time I dread it.  If you’re familiar with this campus you know that it’s not small and not exactly easy to navigate.  Freshman move in day means 3,000 new students and an entourage of parents trying to negotiate their way not only through campus but though this interesting transition point in their life. 

What I love about this day is the bright feeling I get from the freshman.  Their entire educational career has lead them here and now they have four years ahead of them to make the most of.  The stroll through Barton wide eyed at all the activities that they can be involved it.  Some seem overwhelmed, some are passive and some are eager.  Over all there’s just a feeling of opportunity and new beginning that’s contagious. 

As the entire campus begins to buzz our building is no exception!  Before classes have even started we’re going to have a performance.  As part of our orientation and open house that is happening this afternoon, some enthusiastic students have prepared a 24 Hour Playfest.  They gathered last night and chose the theme of Love. Two writers left that meeting and wrote all night long.  Bleary eyed the students arrived at the Schwartz Center at 7:00 AM when the building opened to read the scripts and start rehearsing.  All day today they’ll rehearse and gather props and sets, and finish tonight with a performance at 8:00 PM in 322.  The performance is free and should be a lot of fun. 

I look forward to seeing you this afternoon at our Open House from 4-5 to welcome our students new and old, and at the 24 Hour Playfest at 8:00 PM.         


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