Rehearsals! Costumes! Oh my!

Wow.  Two weeks ago today I held callback auditions for Hernani, and today we’re halfway through the rehearsal process.

The cast are amazing.  They’re mostly freshmen and transfers with a few old hats thrown in.  They seem to be really excited about the show and about the process, too.  We finished blocking yesterday, but we’ve still got to work out transitions, add music, work out a short swordfight (fun!) and incorporate the rest of the props, lights, costumes…oh dear.  I feel a little like I’m overreaching with this show…we have such limited time.  But I’m sure we’ll be able to pull something together.

Today I’m running around collecting makeup, costumes, and props with the help of my trusty designers (Vlada and Carlos) and the lovely ladies in the costume shop.  They’re really great at what they do…they’re so full of knowledge and they have such an eye for detail.  When you act in a mainstage show here, no matter how small the role, you can be sure they will make you look fabulous.

Example: My freshman year I was cast in Little Women my first time auditioning.  I had three lines.  I was onstage probably two minutes at most.  They built me not only a dress, but a corset and crinoline to go under it.  I know. I was surprised (and elated) too.

And last spring I was stuck in a fatsuit for The Passion of Dracula. I’m going to admit – I loved that fatsuit.  It was amazing.  And I even felt a little sexy.  Hence, my undying love for the costume shop.

Anyway…the next few weeks will be quite a time.  I feel like there are a million little threads running everywhere and I’m the only one who can possibly catch them all, beat them into submission, and make a cool show with them.

We’ll see!!!


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