Earnest and beyond!

After seeing opening night of the first show of the 20th anniversary season, I would only repeat those more eloquent who came before me if I tried to share my thoughts on how it went.  The audience loved it, the cast loved it, and everyone seems to be excited to see it off to a good start. It seems that every other person I walk into stops me and asks “Where do you get a ticket for Earnest?” or “Do you want to see that show at the Schwartz with me on Saturday?” The word is getting around, so I assume the tickets are going away; BUY THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!!

On another note, I am telling many of my dancing friends about the LAST show on the roster for the 20th anniversary season, Bernstein’s Mass. There are dancer auditions this coming week, and singing auditions coming up.  God’s Ear and Love’s Labour’s Lost (which I am working on) are already cast, so it seems the season is slowly falling into place.

And on ANOTHER note, I worked with Katherine on teaching the cast of Hernani some music, and it is great to see freshmen who are interested in theatre getting involved and getting such a unique opportunity to be onstage. My first exposure to the Schwartz was a blackbox my freshman year called The Impossible Concert, so I can imagine how exciting that can be.

I know many people who are putting their names on lists for auditions or classes in the future, so from where I’m sitting, it seems like a very exciting, stimulating time to be involved with the Schwartz Center.  Once LLL rehearsals start, I’ll tell you all how things shape up, but until then, come to Earnest, Hernani, Trajal Harrell, and God’s Ear, and keep your eye on SchwartzScene!


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  1. Carly S.

    Hello, my name is Carly – I am a third year Drama and French student at the university of Northampton in the UK. I came across your blog on google because part of my dissertation involves Victor Hugo’s play “Hernani” – I was googling for information! God love Google, haha. I am struggling to find any performance of Hernani to critique or analyse and I would be very interested in perhaps any footage you may gain of your performance – especially the final performance, or perhaps more information about your project – anything would be amazing! I have you left you my email address… I hope??

    Look forward to hearing from you,

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