Snowy Days Mean Lots of Plays

It’s snowing today in Ithaca!  I don’t care what other people say – snow is great.  We southern gals will never get over it.  Snow always reminds me of the best theatre I’ve done at Cornell – the big fall show comes at the end of November and beginning of December, and it is always a blast.

We are having designer run number TWO for Love’s Labours Lost tonight – we’ve been busy refining all the action so we can make sure we’re ready for tech this Friday!  I can’t wait to get all the costumes and lights and sound running.  It always transforms a show.

Something else cool: if you want to see the show, go get a coffee at CTB across the street from Schwartz.  They have cardboard sleeves printed out that are good for a “Buy One Get One Free” ticket to the show!  They have a picture of Cupid on them.  Love’s Labours is a great date show!  It’s funny, and it’s completely easy to be more suave than the dudes who try to woo the ladies.  They’re hilariously bad.

In other news, I met up with Emily Ranii for Body Project auditions last week.  They went really well, and the cast is a fabulous group of gals.  We have decided that the week we get back to campus to rehearse, the casts of The Body Project and History Boys (congrats to Tyler!) need to have some serious girls v. boys Arts Quad Capture the Flag action.  And maybe a mixer, too 🙂


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