Love’s Labour’s…Found?

Last night was the first dress rehearsal when all the actors meet all the costumes, and many new props. Seeing all the technical aspects come together this weekend has been magical. The weekend before opening night, everyone spends all day (noon to midnight, Saturday and Sunday) in the theatre, working out light cues, sound cues, scene changes, costume changes, and everything else you would never think about until it went wrong once.

As the Asst. Stage Manager, I’ve gotten a new, fancy headset, which allows me to communicate with the board operators, cast, and crew. My job now is to make sure everything runs smoothly onstage, all the props are in place, and everyone is safe and happy! I’m having a lot of fun, and Illlphoto even get to help with a fun costume change onstage! (when you come to the show, see if you can “Where’s Waldo” me 😉 )

I would say “in other news…” but there’s really nothing else. When it gets down to tech week and …dare i say it…


…there’s not much else one CAN focus on other than the show at hand. I have been squeezing rehearsals in for my a cappella group (Last Call), my vocal band, and my newly formed barbershop quartet, but most of my hours are spent inside the Schwartz, with some of my most favorite people at the university. Today though, for my dinner break, i went outside and decompressed by going to the library to socialize with some friends who were “trying” to “study.”

It’s a good time to be working on a show, a great time to come see one, and an even greater time to keep reading the Schwartz Scene.

See you all OPENING NIGHT!!


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