Thanksgiving…and a break from the play.

loveslaborsdr111808442Oh my.

Three performances of Love’s Labours Lost down, four to go.  But first, I’m going to go and eat soy-based turkey substitute with my big sister and the rest of our carnivorous family.

The show has been going really well – only minor mishaps.  Those are unavoidable because there is SO MUCH going on.  Lots of props, millions of costumes…it has been a crash course in not falling on my face in my very long, very voluminous (and very gorgeous) pink striped gown.

I had a horrible moment Saturday night where I was getting up to go across the stage (everyone watching me) and I stepped on the hem of my dress.  It made the most horrible ripping noise, and I knew everyone heard it, but I had to keep going and assess damage later.  Luckily it wasn’t the fabric…just a seam, but that’s one example of the stuff that happens…

It’s quite a marathon of a show, too.  When we get done, everyone just has to eat.  Collegetown Bagels is very lucky.  But it is fun.  I’m feeling proud of our work, and it’s the most serious acting I’ve done…probably ever.  And we get another go after the break!  If you haven’t seen it, there are four more shows.  It would be a great start to study week!

Also, check out the video in Terry’s post below…there’s some amusing singing by Alex and Jeremy, and I show up in my wonky post-wig hair.

That’s all for now…have a wonderful break!



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