do you zig or do you zag?

dancers1From the director– an insider’s preview–

Fresh from Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal for Zig Zag, the 2008 Fall Dance Theater Concert at the Schwartz Center. Yes, and fresh is the operative word—I’m loving the zany and rude musical score that goes with Meredith Talusan’s sextet ‘Grey Matters.’ It’s a good team up with Evelyn Chan performing contortionistic poses in dark gray, and then later, Meredith’s over the top antics in Evelyn’s ‘Bag Man’ is not to be missed.  They bring out each other’s  inner–err –outer comic heroines. Lots of wackoid comic moments in both dances.

Stephanie Tan starts off the show with a dynamic and fiesty solo, ‘Che Tango Che,’ followed by Jacob Slominski’s purposefully active improvisation for six dancers, ‘Cairo.’ Each piece takes you into very different movement worlds, one directly presentational, the other mysteriously engaged in its own processes.

Max Buckholtz and Jonathan Ochshorn, the two improvising musicians for ‘Cairo,’ also provide a rich sonic landscape for ‘Bait and Switch:  an imploration exprovisation,’ developed in the Explorations in Movement and Performance course this semester. Truly exciting, steamy and dynamic partnering with plenty of color and drama. The last two semesters have produced strong public performances, and I’m liking that format.

Roselyn Gahye Jeon’s crisp and poignant ‘Expectations’ is working beautifully with music and lights. Roselyn, Meredith, Stepahnie and Evelyn each developed their pieces in Joyce Morgenroth’s dance composition course this fall.

Mark Yatskar’s intriguing and sly Beatle boy opening solo in Alex Harlig’s trio, ‘Its been along time in the sunshine,’ grows more entertaining with each viewing. His dancing is on its way to being flawlessly supple, and the focused smoothness of Virginia Cromwell and Emma Schain resonates with Andre 3000’s “Vibrate” as soundscape.

Elisha Blonde’s duet, ‘Impetus,’ playfully closes the show with a brilliant display of technical prowess and light hearted competition. “Mint” Tipaluck Krityakierne and Elisha are both extraordinary dancers and seeing them together is a special treat for those who crave a big dose of long strong legs and supple articulate spines.

Choreographers and dancers have been working on this project for several weeks as a group effort and individually for much longer.  Always a challenge to pull together a concert at the end of a Cornell semester, it is also deeply satisfying to see a project generate its own life force and shine for a few nights.

With  twenty dancers, two musicians, a concert director/curtain puller, a music director, a lighting designer, a costume consultant, a stage manager, an assistant stage manager, a light board operator and a sound board operator, not to mention marketing and house management personnel,  a show like Zig Zag doesn’t just happen by itself.  It takes something like a village—hmm– maybe more like a hamlet– of dedicated and talented students, staff and faculty to pull it off.  It will definitely be worth the effort to come check it out and enjoy an hour of fine dancing.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (December 4,5,6) at 8pm in the Class of ’56 Dance Theater/Schwartz Center/Cornell


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