New Year! So much fun!

Hello all, this is Katherine version 1.4…in other words, I’m a senior now.

Lots of stuff has already begun at the Schwartz Center, and we haven’t even had a full week of classes.  Here’s the rundown:

Rehearsals for The Servant of Two Masters have been going for two full weeks, and we’re already two and a half weeks from opening night!  EEK!  Servant is a really funny show – full of clowning and visual stunts and ridiculousness.  Let’s just say that my roller skating has improved SIGNIFICANTLY in the past two weeks.  It’s a blast, a perfect show to start off the semester.

This weekend was the fourth bi-annual playfest, so on my day off from the theatre, I went to the theatre!  We created and staged three 15-minute plays, beginning at 7pm on Friday night and showing them at 7pm Saturday.  I directed one of the pieces, and got to meet a bunch of people new to the community, as well as hang out with old friends.  This time we had complete sound and lighting for all of the shows…very impressive for the insane time constraints.

If you want to join in the next playfest in the spring, look up the group “24-hour Playfesters” on Facebook.  It’s always a great time for Cornellians who thrive on deadlines.

I’m excited for classes this semester…Hamlet: The Seminar + Intro to Wines will make for a wonderful Wednesday!



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