What’s up with all the wheels in Servant of Two Masters?

I recently spoke with director, Will Rhys, who comes to us from the great state of Maine and from directing at Goodspeed Musicals in Connecticut. I asked him, “What’s the deal with all these wheels in the show?” He explained that Servant is written by one of the great Italian playwrights, Carlo Goldoni, who uses stock characters used in commedia dell’arte. The actors had a list of possible scenarios, each with a very basic plot and throughout would improvise and perform physical-comedy acts calledlazzi. In Cornell’s production, the actors are using their own “wheel” lazzo —heeliesrollerskatesunicycles, etc. “This provides a visual interest to the piece and also adds a challenge to the actors, which keeps the energy of the piece up,” said Rhys.

The Cornell cast includes Carlos Guerrero (Florindo), Jeff Guyton (Truffaldino), Paul Hebron (Lombardi), J.G. Hertzler (Pantalone), Amanda Idoko (Beatrice), Katherine Karaus (Smeraldina), Sonja Lanzener (Brighella), Ariel Reid (Clarice), and Myles Rowland (Silvio).

Seats still available. Visit http://www.schwartztickets.com.Servant.large


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