A Definite to put on your Holiday calendar!

Be sure to reserve a space on your holiday calendar to see the Cornell Schwartz Center’s special holiday presentation of It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. Love the American holiday classic? Watch it come to captivating life as a 1940s radio broadcast. Imagine six actors embodying over 30 characters and a foley artist making unique and fun sound effects live on stage — all under the auspices of a delightful old time radio show!

All five of the Schwartz Center’s Resident Professional Teaching Associates (J.G. Hertzler, Jeff Guyton, Michael Kaplan, Sonja Lanzener, and Paul Hebron) as well as Cornell staff member Madeline McDonough-Maher are in the show with Schwartz Center Props Coordinator Tim Ostrander as the show’s foley artist. Artistic Director David Feldshuh directs this holiday special. “This play combines the nostalgia for the film it’s based on and for a simpler time when radio was the chief source of entertainment. Our actors do an astonishing job of making every character come alive in the audience’s imagination,” said Feldshuh.

There are still plenty of good seats left! Call 607-254-ARTS or visit http://www.schwartztickets.com!


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