Post-Romeo and Juliet thoughts

Last Friday I had one of those typical Cornell days where a long sequence of class discussions and lectures is punctuated only by the non-stop trekking up and down hills and across quads battling winds, cold, and fatigue. Normally, by the time 7:30 pm rolls around, I’m pretty weary. But on November 20th, I was so excited to see Romeo and Juliet that my tiredness was a non-factor, and my perseverence was rewarded. The show was great. Visually, it was stunning. The graffiti-ed stage, the costumes, and the set in general, was consistent with the theme of urban disarray, but in a vibrant color scheme that screamed technicolored madness.

Despite its place as one of the most revered plays in human history, I have never actually been to see a version of Romeo and Juliet. But this production was particularly clearly geared toward Shakespeare-lovers and non-theatre goers alike, and I found it entertaining, even for a non-Thespian such as myself. The audience that attended on Friday night was an interesting crowd, with tendencies to laugh during unconventional times in the place, such as a death scene; and yet everyone seemed to enjoy the show. The actors were great, too. The actors who played Romeo and Juliet had good chemistry, and Resident Actor Sonja Lanzener was fantastic as Nurse. (Also great onstage was a certain red-headed assistant to the prince.)

Romeo and Juliet is the best way to cap off the end of a busy week, and so don’t miss your chance to see the show December 3-5!


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