Cornell Dancers Perform in New York City!

Last week, Senior Dance Lecturer Jumay Chu brought her work, as choreographed on the dancers Alexandra Harlig, Deborah Schneider, Sam Keller, Emma Schain, Virginia Cromwell, and Tipaluck Mint Krityakierne, to the New York City Public Library for the Performing Arts. Chu was invited to show a finished piece as part of an ongoing series of events that are open to the public, sponsored by the NYPL, and in particular, her work was part of a unique combination of Indonesian and Post-Modern dance.

The show took place on Wednesday, December 9th in front of an audience comprised of both members of the Cornell community and visitors from NYC and beyond. Chu’s choreography was a medley of modern dance and Indonesian movements, and she also used music by Cornell composers and professors Chris Miller and Allen Fogelsanger, which was composed also in the Indonesian style.

The piece, entitled Elision, was comprised of two group pieces with the whole ensemble, two trios, and solos by each of the six dancers. It was exciting to bring Cornell dance to a stage off campus, especially one in New York City, arguably the

The dancers in the "Green Room" at the New York Public Library.

hub of the dance world. The Cornell performing arts are certainly worthy of all exposure, and this was a nice opportunity for the dance department to take its work and bring it to the eyes of a greater public.


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