Getting ready for dance, drama, and the disco of desire

While it may seem that mid-March is still light years away, the dancers of the annual March dance show are going full steam ahead, piling on rehearsal and designer runs and more rehearsals in order to get ready for the mainstage dance blowout. The show is headed by senior dance faculty member Jim Self, who is bringing character and charisma to the creative process. Also working hard to put this show together are dance majors and graduating seniors Virginia Cromwell and Alex Harlig, who are using their combined 8 years of involvement to help structure and guide the show.

This year’s dance show should be especially exciting to watch because many of the dancers come from such different backgrounds. There are breakdancers and hip hoppers, modern dancers and cheerleaders. The dance world at Cornell is strong in its element of diversity, and this will be seen when the Kiplinger Theater gets to host some representatives from all respective backgrounds. While some are dance department veterans and are heavily involved in classes, etc, many of the performers will be actively participating in the production of the dance department for the very first time. This show is a great example of how far the reach of the dance department extends—given the opportunity to put on a large, full bodied production such as the March show, the Schwartz Center is capable of adopting all new bodies and giving each individual a place to perform. There is no certainty regarding the future of Cornell’s dance department, but for this year, at least, there is room and resources for dancers from all corners of campus. We have yet to see if this holding capacity will remain somewhat the same or be severely reduced in the next year or two.

The content of the show will reflect Self’s uninhibited ventures into pop-y, club-based, disco-inspired dance. With this as the beginning skeleton, the dancers were also given much creative license to explore other popular dance forms. The result will make for an exciting, high-energy show. Look out for the production when it is performed on March 11-14!


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