Looking Forward to Marga Gomez!!!!

I am so excited for comedian Marga Gomez’s upcoming performance at the Schwartz Center! Gomez is an award winning comedian who has performed on LOGO, Comedy Central, HBO, PBS, and Showtime and will now be gracing the Schwartz stage on Thursday, April 22nd, at 4:30pm for her performance of Long Island Iced Latina. About her performance, Gomez says, “Long Island Iced Latina is a fired up comedy for the dork in every Latino and the Latino in every dork. Gomez first recounts the cultural confusion and chronic virginity that she experienced as the only brown girl in a white high school. Then she switches gears to deliver an intoxicating manifesto for Latinos who can’t speak Spanish, suck at Salsa, and suffer from Blonditis.”

I’ve just taken a look at some of Gomez’s videos on her website (http://www.margagomez.com/) and she is definitely laugh out loud funny. From her bits about non spanish speaking Latinos to her bit about gay fruit flies, Gomez is clearly not afraid to push the boundary and use her own life experiences to make people laugh.

Oh did I mention that this show is 100% FREE and open to the public!!! So not only do we get to see an award winning and published comedian, but we get to see her for free – what more can any stressed out, tight on cash, in the mood to laugh college student ask for? I for one will be showing up early next Thursday to get a seat before they’re all gone!


Marga Gomez

Thursday April 22nd at 4:30pm

Schwartz Center’s Class of ’56 Flexible Theatre

Free and open to the public


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