Trial by Jury this weekend!

The third Black Box production of the year is Trial by Jury, directed by sophomore Michael Doliner and featuring 14 of your friends.

Performance Times:
Friday (2/25) at 4:30
Saturday (2/26) at 6:30
Sunday (2/27) at 6:30

Run Time: ~ 40 minutes

Cast (in no particular order):
The Usher – Dan Burns
The Defendant (Edwin) – Ben Hennessy
The Counsel – Sonja Gabrielsen
The Plaintiff (Angelina) – Brynn Johnson
The Learned Judge – Miles Ludek
The Foreman of the Jury – Joey Triska
The Stenographer – Regina Russell
The Jury:
Brisa de Freitas
Keely Sarr
Lauren O’Neal
Melissa Snyder
Justin Hoffman
John Russell
Tre Calhoun

Price – Only $2!!! (Except the mandatory ticket charge, so it’s 3 bucks)

Trial by Jury Poster


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