24-hour playfest this weekend!

Join the craziest group of Cornell thespians in writing, casting, directing, designing, and performing three short plays in only 24 hours! Instead of spending months in rehearsal, anyone who wants to do theatre but doesn’t have time can give the most minimal time commitment and still have just as much fun….if not more…putting on some plays.

Alexandra Bradley and Erin Wagner–the stunning coordinators of this event–are looking for people of all talents and interests in the theatre world, and the only time commitment we require is under 24 hours. No previous experience is required, nor are there any auditions, rules, or limits, so don’t be shy to get involved. This is an experience you will certainly never forget. (Plus, if you’re a member of Cornell Tradition, theatre counts as “on-campus service,” so you can knock off a few hours early on and have a blast doing them!)

We are looking for people interested in acting in this performance, and we may still have some openings left for directing and stage managing, too. Prior experience in these roles is absolutely NOT required.

Even if you can’t join us or don’t want to work on the show, every good performance needs an audience! Admission is FREE! and the production will be put on at 7:00 pm on March 5th in the Black Box Theatre (in the sub-basement). Make sure to bring a friend or two with you, whether you’re performing or just in the audience.

If you are interested in the 24-hour playfest, shoot Alexandra (alb279) an e-mail or facebook message, and let us know your first two choices of positions by Thursday, March 3rd. The kick-off meeting for all participants will be at 7:00 pm on March 4th, where we will let you know what excitement is going on for the next 24 hours and where you will have to be when.

So….take an exciting and crazy break from those textbooks and problem sets, and come hang out at the Schwartz with the 24-hour playfesters!

P.S. If you would like to participate, you should also check out our facebook group, 24-hour Playfesters, at:


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