Advanced film screenings May 13

Advanced film students will show their work May 13 at Willard Straight Theatre. The screening is at 7:15 p.m. and tickets are $4 students/$7 general.
Rivchin’s advanced class tackled complex projects in high definition, producing four original narrative pieces, two music videos and one documentary piece.
In “Scripted” by Caitlin Cowie and Linda Barsi, a dust-sweeping would-be-playwright-by-night and a director’s assistant search together for characters whose fictional lives end up overtaking their own. In Oliver Dudman’s music videos (“Expectations,” music by Brian Han and “Spacewalk,” music by Starkey), interpersonal bonds and internal forces of gravity in human connections are explored using a combination of live action and animation techniques.
In “Zoo,” written and directed by J.T. Keller and Joe Rettberg, a young man and his best friend plan a trip to the zoo as a birthday outing, in an attempt to relive a moment from their past. In her non-fiction work, “From Burma to Ithaca,” Yi-Ke Peng takes an inside look at the resettlement of Karen refugees in Ithaca and the community whose support made their transitions possible. In “The Squint Painter,” by Rajendran Narayanan and Mario Rodriguez, a portrait of a young man as an artist is realized; while Rodriguez’s short narrative, “Unforgettable,” gives us a startling moment of clarity.


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